Recent Reports:
Line is harassing and threatening to get me fired and arrested. Fraud alert by IP address 99.203.99.#July 11th
Rude telemarketer by IP address 172.58.172.#April 23rd
These people keep on calling me everyday and I don’t owe them anything. I consider it as harassment. by IP address 172.58.172.#February 20th
Called at midnight, probably a scammer by IP address 174.238.174.#May 26th
+19054509215 this person is rude . He say hello repeatedly and laugh after I say who are you looking for? by IP address 172.58.172.#April 20th
The woman who's #310 462 9353 is my husbands mistress, don't know who she is but find your own man! by IP address 98.189.98.#September 3rd
the owner of this number does not know how to ask favor nicely, such a rude woman! by IP address 122.248.122.#August 21st
Constant calling but would not leave message. This number belongs to XM Radio and they are very agressive about selling their latest promo price by IP address 64.245.64.#July 2nd
Recently Approved Comments
Loan scam. "We have been trying to reach you..." Robo call by IP address 71.31.71.#February 5th
Rude Jerk-Face prejudice superficial bias lowlife by IP address 74.230.74.#February 4th
This is a scam / pholsing call. They say they are from the legal dept of social security and ask you to press one to talk to an agent. This number and one other from 705 area code should be shut down!!! 17059823934 . 17053807962 . thx Dave by IP address 142.59.142.#February 3rd
Harrassing me for clear loan didnt have no info for me no documents very arrogant when I refused to give them money they grew angry by IP address 108.66.108.#December 24th
Don’t know this number, so I didn’t answer. They left a message, but it was in mandarin or Cantonese. I don’t speak any of those languages. Scam number. by IP address 74.15.74.#December 23rd
Consistent calls about a credit card. Asking for card information when I do not own one. When asked to stop calling they proceeded to tell me "I call because I like you." And continued asking for credit card information. by IP address 107.242.107.#December 16th
Person called in regards to a bill, once she could not collect it she proceeded to call me a broke bitch and insult me on not having good credit. by IP address 24.52.24.#December 16th
Annoying early morning calls from this number. Complete scam by IP address 146.168.146.#December 15th